1. How long will my pet be visiting Awesome Doggie Doos? Usually we give a 3 to 4 hour time frame for 1 to 2 pets, based on services provided, size of pet(s), and the condition of your pets coat. Please plan your day accordingly, so that you, or someone you know, are available to pick up your pet in a timely manner when we call you, or give you a "will be done time" at drop off.

2. Do I need to walk my pet before my grooming appointment? Yes, please do. They will be with us for a few hours, and will be handled frequently, it may be uncomfortable for them if they need to potty.

3. Should I feed my pet before my grooming appointment? We recommend just a light meal. Your pet will be handled frequently, we do not want them lethargic, or to become uncomfortable during the grooming process.

4. Should I bring my pet to Awesome Doggie Doos on a leash, or in a carrier? If you have a cat, they will need to be brought into our salon in a carrier for safety reasons. For your dog, we highly recommend, and ask that you bring them in on a leash for their safety, and for ours. First time visits can be scary, your dog will feel more confident and comfortable on his leash. It will also be easier for us to handle your dog if they are timid, as they will not have strangers grabbing at them.

5. What type of grooming products do you use at Awesome Doggie Doos? We only purchase from a reputable grooming supply company, all natural, professional shampoos and sprays designed for the pet grooming industry, including any flea products, along with professional grooming tools

6. Is nail trimming included in the bath and grooming services? Yes, it is included, but not discounted, if we cannot perform this service. We do our very very best to trim every pet's nails during their visit with us. If a pet becomes extremely anxious or difficult to handle during the nail trimming process, we will stop. We WILL NOT use any type of extreme force on your pet to trim the nails. We will inform you at the time of pick up, that we were not able to perform this service.

7. How often should I bring my pet in for grooming? This time frame can vary depending on what type of coat your pet has, and how fast it grows. Other factors in determining how often to bring your pet in for grooming would be, what type of haircut does your pet get? What type of environment does your pet live and play in? How often do you brush your pets coat at home to keep it tangle free? The typical time frame for a fluffy, or longer coat that mats easily, would be every 4 to 5 weeks. For a shorter coat that is easier to maintain, every 6 to 8 weeks is sufficient.

8. Does my pet need to have a current rabies vaccination to be groomed at Awesome Doggie Doos? The answer to this question is, Absolutely! For your pets safety, and for ours, they will need to have a current rabies vaccination on file with their vet, should an unfortunate circumstance arise. It is also in the best interest of your pet if they visit grooming salons, boarding facilities, pet stores, dog parks etc... that they be fully vaccinated against all viruses and airborne diseases. We leave this decision to the pet parents, but highly recommend that you discuss vaccinations with your vet. We disinfect and clean our salon daily, BUT, we are not responsible if your pet is not properly vaccinated.

9. Does my pet need an appointment to be groomed at Awesome Doggie Doos? The answer is, typically Yes they do need an appointment to be groomed. On occasion, we are able to take a walk in, or a last minute call in, on the same day. Our ability to do this, really depends on how busy we are, what type of pet you have, what services you are asking for, and the amount of time it will take us to perform and complete the services requested on an individual pet. Our busiest season is September thru April. We highly recommend that you schedule your pet's grooming appointments, well in advance, during this time.

10. What should I do if I cannot keep my scheduled appointment at Awesome Doggie Doos? Please try to notify us as early as possible if you cannot keep your scheduled appointment. (We prefer the day before) This allows us to fill that slot if possible, with a walk in, or last minute call in. Last minute cancellations, or NO CALL, NO SHOW will be noted, and although we try to be understanding, if it happens more than once, we may request that you pay for the missed appointment, and or future services to your pet may be refused. Pets arriving more than 30 minutes late for an appointment disrupt the scheduling for the day, and may have to be rescheduled to another day. We value our customers and ask that you please be understanding on this policy. Continued missed and late appointments are lost revenue to our salon.

11. Do I need to make Awesome Doggie Doos aware of any health, or grooming issues past or present, my pet may have, before my grooming appointment? Yes, please make us aware of any and all health, or grooming issues, past or present, that you are aware of. This is for the safety and well being of both your pet and us. If he or she has a sore leg, or nips for the nails, we certainly want to know about this before we groom them, or start trimming nails. We have many years of experience, and most times we can work around certain behaviors and health issues, if we know about them in advance. Honesty is the best policy in this case. We believe in the gentle approach, and we will do everything within our power to give your pet a positive grooming experience. Awesome Doggie Doos may refuse grooming services, turn away, or send home any pet that shows aggression, looks or acts sedated, appears unhealthy or unfit for a grooming session, or becomes extremely anxious in the crate.